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Welcome to the webpage of the Cultural Association «Loutsa» of the Municipality of Ioannina.

olandiaHere you can be informed over the history, the work and the activities of the association as well as the city of Ioannina. We wish you a pleasant broswing and please do not hesitate for any reason to contact us.

Our Association was founded in 1977 from residents of the district “LOUTSA” of Ioannina, is stated in Ioannina and today has roughly 400 members.

The district Loutsa or “Pera Loutsa” or “Turkiki kafenedes”, as it is also known, is one from the seven older districts of the city of Ioannina and is found almost in its centre, westwards by the Central square and the well-known “Zosimea Pedagogic Academy”.

It is undeniable fact that the foundation of our Association constituted an act of «reaction» from the residents of the district in the rapid and inevitable developments that changed the «small city of Hatzi'» in a big urban and academic centre with obvious price the alienation of residents, the indifference for the neighbor, the devalorisation of the quality of life, the removal from the delivery, the traditions and the customs, the alteration of physiognomy of neighborhood, the gradual predominance of new perceptions, ideas and way of life.

Today our Association, beyond his intervention for the appointment and resolution of the small or big problems that occupy the residents of our district and more generally the city of Ioannina, overwhelms an enormous effort in order to bring our youth in contact with the traditions and customs of our people, the traditional dances and music and simultaneously to make known to our young people the challenge of our times, the computers.

For this aim our Association functions DANCE GROUP OF IOANNINA and gives the opportunity to roughly 200 young people between 5 – 20 years old but also to adults to attend courses of learning traditional dances and songs from all Greece and to participate in cultural events and resurgences of customs.


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